Student Visa in New Zealand

Do you want to settle with your family in a student visa… then you have to choose #New Zealand🇳🇿 for your future study.

Why New Zealand ?
Ø 1 Year Study + upto 3 Years Open Work Permit
Ø Permanent Residency (PR) Options Available (* subject to individual’s profile)
Ø Safe place for study & High Standards of Living
Ø Spouse Visa Allowed
Ø English Speaking Country

Choose your programs:
PG Diploma/Certificate – Marketing, Global Business, Business Administration, Applied Finance, Professional Accounting, Business Studies.
PG Courses (October 2018) – Master of Applied finance, MBA, Global Business, Marketing, Professional Accounting, Philosophy.

Master Courses – Master of Global Marketing, Management, Professional Accounting,

Master Courses – Master of Business Management, Financial Management, Business Information Science.