Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, one of the leading international airlines, founded in 1993 is the state owned flag carrier of Qatar. Within 21 years they have grown onto flying in more than 100 destinations and offer 5 star class services to the customers.

Qatar airways offers many fare deals on tickets as per to the country which you can experience and compare through  ticket booking. We enables you to book family as well as group ticket packages, car rental and hotel booking along with the Qatar flight to the designated destinations. You are also able to select on the payment options of any credit card or debit card as well as apply for a visa to Qatar through online booking.


140 destinations covering the six continents of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and South America.

Flight Facilities

134 aircraft are on air with 5 star in flight facilities which offers the cuisine food, latest entertainment facilities with the latest technologies through online connection with every seat within the flight.



Passenger Class Weight Allowance * Hand Luggage Extra Chargers
Adult/Child First Class 50Kg 15 Kg Differs from country to country
Adult/Child Business Class 40Kg 15 Kg Differs from country to country
Adult/Child Economy Class 30Kg 7 Kg Differs from country to country