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Student Visa

Student visas are generally needed to study at an institute overseas, whether at school or higher education level.

LEAD INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD. experienced student services company staff identify the best suited program in response to the personal needs and interests of students applying to study abroad, and if special English language assistance is needed, usually recommends an institution which provides an English proficiency program as well. LEAD INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD. works with the educational institutions that students are applying for in order to ensure that all necessary paper work is completed correctly and in a timely manner. This enables a student visa to be issued by the relevant Immigration Services. We also ensure that suitable accommodation arrangements are made for the student during their stay.
Students can enroll at certificate, diploma or degree level, with post-graduate study also being available for suitably qualified applicants. Programs which are popular with our students include Resource Management and Planning, Tourism including Outdoor and Adventure Tourism, Hotel Management and other Hospitality courses, Hairdressing, Children Services, Information Technology and Computing, Business Studies, Media Studies and Accounting.


Migration, as it is used here, refers to emigration from the home country, to settle permanently in another country. By obtaining the appropriate visa, such as a residence visa, the migrant is able to reside in the new country and become an immigrant resident. The visas here enable a long-term stay, though some conditions may apply to make it permanent. This type of visa status is also commonly referred to as residence, permanent residence (PR) or settlement. It is not the same as citizenship, but citizenship is often available after a period of time residing there.

LEAD INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD. can assist in applying for migration/residence/settlement to most countries, or assist in advising on requirements needed. LEAD INTERNATIONAL works in association with other companies and registered immigration consultants, particularly for New Zealand, Australia, Canada and UK.

Work Visa

A Work Visa / Work Permit is a legal authorization which allows a person to work (usually in employment) in another country (where they do not have citizenship or residence, allowing them to work).

LEAD INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD has expertise and can assist clients in the application process of obtaining a work visa. This usually requires holding a job offer in that country. However, LEAD INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD, through its associated company can assist in preliminary research towards reaching that stage.

Visit / Tourist Visa

Visit visas (also referred to as Tourist visas or Travel visas) are generally required for visiting other countries and must generally be applied for before leaving the home country, unless the applicant is from a country that is exempt and receives a waiver. This includes for purposes such as a holiday or visiting friends and relatives. This generally requires a genuine intention to return to the home country and providing relevant documentation to show this.

Obtaining a visit visa to developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and the USA can be quite complex, as visit visa laws and regulations are extremely strict for applicants from “high risk” countries. Genuine applicants are often rejected due to a lack of knowledge in presenting their documentation.

LEAD INTERNATIONAL VISA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD has many years of industry experience and has multiple visa consultants that are up-to-date on the latest immigration rule changes. Expert consultants can advise interested applicants on the criteria and methodology of professional and successful visit visa applications.

Refusals Visa

As each person’s situation is different, there is no single reason that explains all refusals. The most common reason for being refused is that that the officer decided, based on your interview, that your social, family, economic or other ties to India are not strong enough to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent and qualify for a visa.

Another common reason for a refusal is that during the interview, you did not demonstrate to the officer’s satisfaction that you meet the qualifications for the visa category.

Dependent Visa

If you are planning to go abroad as a student or skill worker, you may bring your dependent family members with you. You can either include them on your student or skill worker original visa application or you can apply for them to join you after you have gone to abroad. Spouses, partners and unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent visas.

Business Visa

The business visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign nationals other than students, persons performing skilled, unskilled labor or representative of foreign information media.

Spouse Visa

The commonly known spouse visa or settlement visa is meant for the spouse, partner, proposed partner, civil partner, child or other dependent relative of a person who is currently settled in abroad or coming to the country to settle. That person must be either settled (without a time limit on their visa) or planning to live in abroad permanently with the legal right to do so.

Parent Visa

Information for parents and grandparents, including applications for super visas, processing times, what to expect when you arrive in abroad and how to extend your stay.

Ticketing Service

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Consulting Service

We do good consulting for our client, will advise them to choose a correct way to their future. Clearly explain about documentation and selection of country.

Bank Balance Service

In this visa process, the biggest part is to financial. we do financial supports to you,
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