Emirates, the leading airline, is the Flag carrier of Dubai with 30 years experience it has always emphasized on the quality of the service offered to its customers. It is known to be the fastest growing airline which gained profit within the third year of operation and has gained a high reputation in customer excellence .

We offer special package deals on tickets, special country deals on tickets as per to the country and featured hotel deals on several destinations when making a ticket booking on Emirates flight. Emirates flight booking services you are able to book a car, apply for UAE visa, check-in online and also cancel and change flight schedules without any hassle.


Emirates flies to 140 destinations in 80 countries around 6 continents from New York to Maldives. Through Emirates you are able to experience the very best the world has to offer.

Flight Facilities

Emirates owns more than 220 aircraft which enhance the quality of in-flight service. With the award winning ICE entertainment system Emirates is known to be the best airline to provide quality food, superior interior and star class in-flight facilities.



Passenger Class Weight Allowance * Hand Luggage Extra Charges
Adult/Child First Class 50Kg 7Kg (2pc) Differs from count ry to country
Adult/Child Business Class 40Kg 7Kg (2pc) Differs from country to country
Adult/Child Economy Class 30Kg 7Kg (1pc) Differs from country to country
Infants 10Kg (1pc)